The best web design trends in 2024

Best web design trends in 2024


Web design trends are fast-changing and evolving. Coming are the days of 3D animations and AI. With new technologies and innovations, web design will be a bit different and immersive. Let us see some of the most in-demand and stylish trends in web design for 2024.

3D Animation

3D animation in web design is becoming increasingly popular. With the emergence of popular tools like Spline 3D, Adobe Firefly, and more, 3D is set to make changes. 3D design consists of including or incorporating 3D elements in the design let it be images, icons, logos, and more. For sure 3D animations create a special feeling and a sense of curiosity and elegance.

Big Typography

Typography as we know plays a vital role in the look and feel of a website. Big typography is an emerging trend in web design. With a website showcasing its hero sections with big typefaces, it gives a special feeling. It conveys the message of the brand clearly and communicates the essence of the brand. It is not uncommon to see large typefaces covering the entire hero section on websites.

AI-generated designs

AI-generated designs are becoming increasingly popular and widely used. With tools like Midjouney, Dall-E, and more, it has become easy for designers to create images with a single prompt. These designs are incorporated into the website. AI-generated images come in different forms such as illustrations, cartoons, realism, 3D, and more.


Is there a better way to engage the users other than with scrollytelling? It is a method by which the users need to scroll down the page to read the story of the brand. This style is emerging and gives a sense of curiosity to the visitors. From one section it takes the visitors to the next to discover the full details of the brand.

No code websites

No-code website builders are on the rise. Toots like WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, Framer, etc are widely used by freelancers and agencies alike. These tools make it much easier to design websites. As we move forward into 2024 and beyond it is evident that these no-code web design tools will be used much often.

Web design has always been an evolving industry, but nothing as of today. With technologies like 3D animation, big typography, AI-generated designs, scrollytelling, and no-code web design tools, it is becoming clear that the digital revolution is taking us to the next level. Using these technologies, designers can make full use of their potential and take their creative passion to the next level.

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